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Moving Forward, Together

A place to get updates about the work of your Cooperation Group

For Biblical Fidelity

For Missional Clarity

For Cooperative Unity

Motion on Cooperation

I move that the Convention authorize that the SBC president appoint a broadly representative task force from across our convention to study the issue of how this convention should deem churches to be in friendly cooperation of faith and practice, as laid out in article 3.1 in the constitution referencing our adopted statement of faith, and to bring back recommendations to the 2024 SBC Annual Meeting in Indianapolis for how we can move forward together in biblical fidelity, missional clarity, and cooperative unity.

Motion made by former SBC President James Merritt, along with J. D. Greear, Bryant Wright, Ed Litton, and Steve Gaines, adopted by the Messengers at the 2023 Southern Baptist Convention

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