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Cooperation Group Recommendations Publication Date - May 1

We are pleased to announce that our recommendations will be released on May 1, shortly after noon.

We are thankful for the prayers and support for us as we studied and developed these recommendations. We also appreciate your patience as we adjusted our timeline, pushing our original anticipated date of publication back by one month. The Easter season and scheduling conflicts delayed an important in-person meeting from March to April. Moreover, this updated release date allows for discussions with Convention leaders that play a key role in serving Southern Baptists.

Though this release comes later than we initially planned, we are grateful that it still provides over 40 days for messengers to engage with, understand, and respond to the recommendations, setting the table for Stage 3, which has to do with refining the recommendations as necessary. This aligns with our core goal of ensuring that all messengers can vote with knowledge and confidence at the upcoming Convention, and that the recommendations are as clear and helpful as possible.

Starting May 6, we will publish a series of five articles on our website. These articles will offer deeper insights that we have been able to glean into the nature of cooperation within our community. Additionally, some of our group members will serve on panel discussions and as podcast guests, which we believe will further enrich understanding as we approach the Convention.

Thank you once again for your prayers and continued support.

Telling His Story

Jared C. Wellman

Cooperation Group Chairman


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